Freestyle Friday Spotlight on our Students: Trevor

TrevorMeet Trevor. A high school student at Pivot San Diego, Trevor spoke with us about his presentation at one of our recent show-and-tell “Freestyle Friday” events. Trevor also explained why Pivot is the right fit for him.

Pivot: Tell us about your presentation.

Trevor: Every Friday we have Freestyle Fridays, where people come in and essentially do show-and-tell. Previously, I brought in a violin, or played bass. One time I think I got up and juggled. This time, I thought why not top everyone else, so I put on a lab coat, made a presentation in PowerPoint along with a tray of the robot I made, including robots that use touch sensors.

Pivot: When did you start assembling robots?

Trevor: I got into robots very early. I remember getting a kit of Lego robots and my father doing most of the programming. Maybe since I was eight, I enjoyed full-time soldering and building things, ripping apart old construction bits and old electronic components from random pieces of junk. I’ve been doing more advanced robotics for a little over a year.

Pivot: What is your favorite subject at Pivot?

Trevor: Probably biology. I have a lot of background from my father and read Darwin’s The Origin of Species. I went in and did some diagnostic tests and got 100%. I was able to get through the entire first semester of biology, save the final, in a matter of a few weeks.

Pivot: What do you like most about going to Pivot?

Trevor: It’s freeing. I liken it to a job. I woke up yesterday, in time to get ready, did some of my assignment and went to class. After that, I took I nap. I got up later, and completed all four of my assignments on my own time. Pivot is like real life- in the real world, provided you get something done on time, then congratulations, you get a paycheck. Real life doesn’t put you on a strict schedule a lot of the time. Instead you are expected to get a certain job done within a certain time frame. It’s the same way at Pivot, and I appreciate that.

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