Field trips are an important and valuable part of the educational experience. It’s a chance for students to interact with one another outside the campus and learn about new things. Our teachers are working hard to make sure every field trip is a fun and valuable learning experience.

We started off the school year with a trip to the parkour gym. Students and teachers got in a good workout and learned all about this sport developed from a training program used by French Special Forces. We ran, jumped and climbed through obstacles together. It was a fun opportunity to reconnect after the summer break.

We enjoyed a fun outing to Julian for some apple picking and to learn all about the gold rush. We rode the train, explored a historical gold mine from the 1870’s and panned for gold. None of us struck it rich in gold, but we had a great time!

We also took students to the Mira Costa College Fair. Our high schoolers enjoyed learning all about local colleges and are planning for their futures after Pivot. A particular group of students expressed great interest in Cal State San Marcos – looks like we have some future Cougars in our midst!

The elementary students visited the San Diego Zoo to learn all about wildlife. They had fun viewing the exotic animals and learning about preservation of endangered species. The orangutans and their antics were a particular favorite on our trip!

We also enjoyed visiting the Bodies exhibit. It was a very educational look into human anatomy. We learned about organs, bones, muscles and nerves. Our science lovers enjoyed every minute of this experience.

The Farms Leadership Program, led by Mr. Buzan just completed a field trip on December 4th to the Santa Rosa Shone Farm. We we learned about organic farming, raked Autumn leaves and apples from the trees, cleared raspberry shrubs. dug-up sunflowers and Jerusalem artichokes and, in general, got really dirty. They are planning a trip to the Laguna watershed in January.

Our fall has been packed with opportunities for off campus learning and fun. We are looking forward to many more adventures in the spring of 2016!