Stock Student PhotoEvery Pivot student receives personalized support and attention to address their individual learning needs, which allows them to stay on track with their academic goals and continue to expand their capacity for learning. Since fall 2019, a growing number of our high school students have stepped up to complete more schoolwork per semester. 

In the fall 2021 semester, an all-time high of 51% of our high school students earned 25 or more credits, where each class earns a student five credits. Just two years ago, 38.8% were earning at or above 25 credits. Simultaneously, the average number of credits earned per semester has climbed from 19.93 credits in fall 2019 to 22.33 this past fall. As our students complete more credits each semester, they become better prepared to manage more responsibilities at the same time and be successful on their chosen path after high school.

“We’re proud that our high school students feel more confident with each passing semester to take on a larger course load and continue to succeed in their studies and extracurricular activities,” said Director of Systems and Accountability Lindsey Vining. “The flexibility that allows our students to advance toward their goals is central to the Pivot model and contributes to creating a safe environment at our schools.” 

Over the past year, our students in grades Kindergarten through eighth have also demonstrated positive growth. Compared to the start of the current school year, nearly 50% more K-8 students are on grade level in math, and over 6% more of our students are on grade level when it comes to reading.

“It’s very encouraging to see this level of growth in just one school year for our Kindergarten, elementary and middle school students,” Vining continued. “We’re excited to see this momentum roll into upcoming school years and continue to evidence how Pivot’s model of education sets our students up for success on their academic paths.”

Whether they’re in high school or kindergarten or somewhere in between, Pivot students are always growing and that growth is showing!