Dear Parents and Students of Pivot Charter Schools:

I hope you have had the opportunity to spend time with family this summer and enjoy one another’s company. We know this continues to be a difficult time for many of you. Please let me know if Pivot can assist you in any way.

As you may know, the state mandate is that no schools may serve students face to face at a school site if their county is on the “watch list.” The county must be off the watch list for 2 weeks before schools can serve students face to face. All four of our counties for all four Pivot Charter Schools are on the watch list. Even if that were not the case, I am not comfortable putting any of your students or Pivot staff in a position where they may have a greater risk of being exposed to COVID-19. As such, Pivot Charter Schools will start the school year with the resource centers closed to students through September 30. The great news is that our teachers are incredibly gifted at supporting your students through our online curriculum; Pivot has been providing “distance learning” very successfully for over 10 years.

We will continue to make resource center closure determinations at four-week intervals. That way families and staff will not have to struggle and rush to make arrangements for their families. It will also help to ensure that we are not bouncing back and forth between open and closed very often. There are many other requirements to the schools reopening and closing that the Department of Education has required and by which we will be abiding. For more information on those requirements, visit the California Department of Education Stronger Together webpage.

It is important to note that there will be various guidelines that the school will follow, as outlined in California’s guidance on schools and school-based programs, when the resource centers re-open. In the meantime, Pivot will not be providing any on site instruction. All workshops, family meetings, and special education services will be conducted through video conferencing. That is the only change to Pivot operations; Pivot is an independent study/non classroom-based school and always has been. While there are many positive aspects to the programs offered at our resource centers, they are not imperative to a Pivot student’s success. As has always been the expectation, students will still be required to log in to their online curriculum every school day and complete their assignments. They will be required to make adequate progress in their classes toward graduation and promotion. They will still be required to respond to their teachers’ communication within 24 hours. Teachers will contact students daily. Teachers (Educational Coordinators) are there to monitor, guide, support and hold students accountable, and Pivot is still required to determine if independent study is the most appropriate placement for the student based on their ability to make progress in their classes and learn.

Students will be required to meet with their teacher through video conferencing twice a week to touch base and determine what Pivot can be doing to support each student’s needs. Teachers will assign meeting days and times. These meetings are not optional for the student.

Additionally, a parent or guardian and the student are required to meet face to face with the teacher once a month. While the resource centers are closed, this meeting will be conducted via video conferencing. Once it is determined that on site meetings are safe, these meetings will occur at the resource centers. It is VERY important that families attend these meetings. Academic Support Plans will be developed for students who are struggling in independent study or in their academics. These plans will be reviewed during monthly meetings and academic progress toward the students’ goals will be addressed.

One of the greatest additions to our program this year is an expanded Pivotwide online workshop schedule. Students will be able to get assistance in their courses from credentialed teachers in the subject matter. Elementary school students will participate in engaging projects and fun learning activities. A detailed workshop schedule that includes topics being covered each week will be accessible to students and parents. Students will have the opportunity to meet teachers and students from different Pivot Charter Schools during these workshops and receive the instructional support they need to be successful.  In addition, students will also be able to attend office hours of teachers who grade their coursework. Students can seek help from these teachers when they are struggling to understand what is expected of the units being covered.

Pivot Charter School is uniquely structured to provide an exceptionally strong independent study program. Independent study is not easy. It requires the student to have the self-discipline and parental guidance, to complete work every day, to communicate frequently with their teacher, to ask for help, and for families to create a strong learning environment and schedule that will be conducive to student learning.

Next steps:

  1. If you are a new Pivot student, a parent and student must attend an online “orientation” before classes are opened. You will receive more information in the next two weeks about how to sign up for those orientations.
  2. You may receive an email requesting students and parents to sign a “Master Agreement.” This document must be signed before any coursework can be opened. This is for new and returning students and must be signed each new school year.
  3. Your student will participate in an assessment that will help Pivot determine the best educational plan for your student. These assessments are required to be completed before classes are open.
  4. New students will also complete a “How to Be a Strong Independent Study Student” course before classes can be opened.
  5. You will receive a survey to seek input on the Pivot Charter Schools Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan and your technology needs. Please complete this survey so that Pivot may better meet your needs.
  6. Your Educational Coordinator will be contacting you and your student somewhere between August 24 to September 2.
  7. School starts for the students on September 3rd.

Please check your email frequently. This is our primary method of communication to families during this time.

We care a great deal about the academic success of our students. We also care about the health and wellbeing of all of our families. Please remain vigilant about COVID-19 symptoms and allow us to assist your family in finding the help they may need if a family member or contact has symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Our County Offices of Education, District authorizers, and County Departments of Public Health have been very helpful and have MANY resources. Let us help.

While this will be a different kind of school year for many in the state and country, Pivot Charter School’s instructional program is designed to ensure students succeed and make progress in their courses and move to the next grade level based on learning and without social promotion. We’ve Got This!

If you have any questions, please contact your site coordinator and they will make sure you receive the information you need.

Best Wishes for a Successful and Healthy School Year,

Jayna Gaskell

Executive Director/Superintendent

Roads Education Organization/ Pivot Charter Schools

Just a few reminders and resources:

Symptoms of COVID 19

  1. Fever or chills
  2. Cough
  3. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  4. Fatigue
  5. Muscle or body aches
  6. Headache
  7. New loss of taste or smell
  8. Sore throat
  9. Congestion or runny nose
  10. Nausea or vomiting
  11. Diarrhea

Plan to prevent catching and the spread of COVID-19