Clubs at Pivot Charter School are driven by the interests of our students. Club offerings never seem to stay the same from year to year. With each new class of students comes new passions and curiosities. Clubs that have been offered in the past have included photography, yearbook, yoga, Lego, pets, D&D, drones, games, and many more. What club do you want to see at Pivot? Let your teacher know and we will help you get it started!

Field Trips

We love field trips at Pivot Charter School! Pivot staff work to plan new, exciting field trips on a regular basis for students to socially engage with their school community. There are a wide range of experiences that we have offered. Some as adventurous as Yosemite or as far away as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Local field trips have included excursions to beaches, parks, farms, museums, zoos, water parks, ice skating rinks, indoor rock climbing gyms, frisbee golf, mini golf, and more. While staff enjoy planning field trips for our students, we also love to hear what our students think the next field trip should be. Let us know and we will try to make it happen.

Community Service

While community service is a graduation requirement at Pivot Charter School, it doesn’t have to be a chore! Pivot staff will help you find opportunities for community service and often also offer community service opportunities as field trips. Pivot students have cleaned beaches, knit beanies for premature babies, and played games with senior citizens, among many other experiences. Do you know of a great way to help the community? Let us know and we will share it with all our students.

Concurrent Enrollment

Did you know that high school students can take community college courses and also get high school credit toward graduation? We encourage all our eligible students to enroll in at least one community college course to try it out. Check with your teacher to see if you are eligible.