The students at Pivot Charter School come from a wide range of backgrounds. Pivot’s ability to help students with diverse backgrounds is one of the things that makes the Pivot experience unique and successful.

Students in need of a supportive instructional setting:
Teachers and students can be overwhelmed by high student-teacher ratios. High quality, online courses supported by credentialed teachers are an excellent alternative to crowded classrooms that often result in reduced individualized instruction. Students who are not well-suited for a traditional classroom setting will benefit greatly from being allowed to progress from the comfort of their home and on a daily schedule that works best for them. Our program is ideal for students who experience anxiety, bullying, or the feeling of being overwhelmed in the traditional classroom. These students often get “lost in the crowd” because they are afraid to ask questions or provide input. However, they tend to thrive in an environment like Pivot where they can interact by choice and not feel that they are being judged by their peers.

Students desiring accelerated or enrichment offerings:
Students who are quick learners can be given the flexibility to progress in a particular subject at a faster pace than they might in a traditional classroom. Pivot also encourages students who are accelerated to take college courses concurrently so they can graduate, be accepted to a college, and/or enter the workforce early. Middle school students who begin accelerating at an early age can accumulate a significant number of credits and participate in many exciting classes earlier than they might at a more traditional school. Pivot Charter School offers many Advanced Placement and Honors courses in addition to supporting students who wish to enroll in local community college classes.

Students missing credits:
Students in need of credits to complete grade levels or to graduate on time can utilize online courses to make up or to retake courses. Pivot students struggling with core concepts will find that the online courses, as well as the small group workshops, remediation, and supplemental curricula, give them the strength in the foundational skills needed to succeed in school.

Students with scheduling conflicts:
Students today participate more and more in activities such as competitive sports and performing arts, and this requires a significant time commitment during the day. Additionally, many more students have to work to support their families or to take care of their own children. The ability to take accredited online courses with flexible scheduling and caring support from credentialed teachers creates time for extracurricular activities, necessary employment, and space for supporting the family at home. Pivot currently serves students who are highly competitive and travel for their sports in soccer, table tennis, tennis, skateboarding and snowboarding, as well as many working students.

Homeschooled Elementary Students:
The Pivot elementary program is a home school program with parents participating in all aspects of the students’ learning. While the primary core online curriculum is utilized from home, the resource center provides a place for enrichment activities and socialization. Our elementary students are given the opportunity at our resource center to experience art, physical education, science, and hands-on projects with small groups. The elementary students also go on frequent field trips together, which provides both a learning and social experience. The elementary teachers are on hand to provide support with the online curriculum in areas where a student may be struggling or need additional enrichment. Just like our middle and high school programs, the class sizes are small, so that the learning environment remains a safe, fun space for the students to enjoy.