Part of what makes Pivot great are all the opportunities in our programming for students to take control of their own education. In our spirit to empower students to find their passions and forge their future paths tuition-free, Pivot has strengthened partnerships with our local community colleges so that students have access to a wider variety of courses and opportunities that they can bring with them after they graduate..

Pivot is also thrilled to announce the implementation of the State Seal of Biliteracy and the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma(GSSMD) to all Pivot Charter Schools as well as ongoing efforts for Pivot campuses to administer and receive scores for AP, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT examinations.

If you’re looking to gain work experience and employment opportunities, or to concurrently earn college credits while enrolled at Pivot, learn more about our partnerships and new programs below!

Thanks for joining our Virtual College Information Night!

In case you missed it, learn more about our new programs and opportunities by watching the recording:

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Concurrent Enrollment

Pivot students are able to take a tuition free community college courses (up to seven units) at their own discretion at a Palomar campus or online.

Eligibility: High Schools students in good academic standing are encouraged to apply.

students working in a science lab

Career Technical Education (CTE) Opportunities

The Career Technical and Extended Education Division is committed to preparing students for gainful entry into the workforce and establishing successful careers. There are a variety of pathways and resources to make this happen including certificate programs, internships, job placement, service learning, and apprenticeship programs.

Eligibility: Students over the age of 16 and in good academic standing.

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