For Pivot North Bay Educational Coordinator John Halderman, becoming a teacher wasn’t the first step in his post-college career. “When I started college, I didn’t have a degree in mind, but I was interested in public service,” says Halderman. “After graduating from Sonoma State, I wanted to focus on music, so I worked at a mortgage company doing data entry. After a few years, I realized I wanted more out of life and working with youth was interesting to me, so I enrolled in the teaching credential program at Sonoma State.” And the rest is history.

Today, Halderman can be found teaching social studies and music performance at Pivot North Bay. “I feel that students benefit from making the connection between events from the past and their own experiences.”

According to Halderman, what sets Pivot apart from traditional public schools is the ability to offer a more flexible and personalized education. “By integrating technology into our school model, we can develop an innovative educational approach and offer something different for students who struggle with traditional classroom settings.”

Halderman says that Pivot students have inspired him and challenged him and engaged him in a way that has helped him grow as an educator. “When it comes to teaching,” says Halderman, “I really get excited about creating learning experiences that inspire and motivate students. Our world is rapidly changing, and students’ educational needs are increasingly diverse. Pivot North Bay is a caring, supportive school that focuses on finding ways to encourage students to realize their potential. We have a diverse staff with different approaches to working with students, and this helps us meet their needs.”

Halderman, who also plays in a band and leads the Outdoor Adventure Club at Pivot North Bay, says that he likes to integrate his interest in sports, music, and nature into his free time activities. “I am also the proud father of a seventh grader, and I am enjoying guiding her on her journey into adulthood.”