Pivot Charter School offers a customized program with small group and one-on-one instruction. Our general education program is very similar to special education programs in traditional schools as we offer the opportunity to re-take tests, additional time to complete assignments, and the ability for students to work at their own pace. Our special education program offers additional benefits for the students who need it, with the support of our team of the Director of Special Education and our onsite Education Specialists.

Pivot has a new Director of Special Education joining our team this year, Pauline Takhar, who will work closely with our Education Specialists at each campus to ensure the needs of all of our students are being met. Pauline comes to Pivot with 17 years of experience in counseling, general education and special education.

Our Education Specialists work diligently every day to ensure that students’ needs are being met. Brooke Laird, Education Specialist in San Diego, is determined that every one of her students receives the quality education they deserve. “Every student who comes through our doors is a top priority for Pivot. And our special education students are no different. We work hard every day to ensure their learning needs are being met so that they can experience the joy that comes from academic success. I am so proud to work at Pivot and be a part of this outstanding school that serves all of our students.”

In addition to the wonderful Education Specialists who are full time and at the resource centers every day, Pivot also hires specialized service providers that meet the needs of students beyond what our Education Specialists are licensed to offer. These include, counselors, nurses, educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, adaptive physical education therapists and whatever professionals Pivot needs to hire to best meet the needs of our special education students.