Having joined the Pivot team in 2015, Educational Coordinator Brandon Gragnano has achieved eight years of educating and inspiring Pivot Riverside students to reach their full potential. His impact and accomplishments were even highlighted this year when he was recognized as a Parenting OC Teacher of the Year 2023 Finalist.

Brandon first realized his passion for teaching when he was in sixth grade and fellow peers would come to him for help in learning and completing complicated math assignments. He now primarily teaches math to his students, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance at California State University, Fullerton and his teaching credential in Foundational Math at California State University, Long Beach.

One of the aspects that Brandon enjoys the most in teaching math is the moment a concept “clicks” for a student. Math can be an incredibly challenging subject for many students and Brandon finds that helping them achieve a breakthrough in their work is especially fulfilling.

Beyond the classroom, Brandon thrives on and passionately contributes to the collaborative environment cultivated at Pivot Riverside. He recalled, “From day one, there was support. The culture has always been welcoming, fluid, fun and flexible.”

Especially before COVID-19, Brandon noted that students who were on-site daily would temporarily forget who their Educational Coordinator was because all staff members were so heavily involved in helping students succeed. Now that Pivot Riverside hosts hybrid courses, he is dedicated to reimagining and rebuilding the legendary on-site culture.

Inspired by Pivot’s unique students, staff and parents, Brandon is grateful for the immense amount of professional and personal growth he has found in his time as an Educational Coordinator at Pivot Riverside.

In his free time, Brandon loves watching and coaching baseball. Brandon prioritizes spending time with his family by frequenting theme parks and going water skiing.