Tracy Williams, Pivot’s Director of Special Education, credits one of her college professors with showing her that teaching can be a fun and dynamic experience, which inspired her to become a teacher. “His creative and engaging instruction was truly inspiring, and he made me realize that there was more than one way to educate,” says Williams. Twenty-three years later, Williams is positively impacting young, developing minds at Pivot Charter School.

Williams received her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from Humboldt State University and taught general education for sixteen years. Throughout her career, she noticed that students who entered her classroom struggled socially, emotionally and academically. “I challenged my students to believe in themselves, and to understand they could accomplish anything they set their mind to,” says Williams. She realized that instruction needed to be presented in a variety of meaningful and engaging ways that provided all students access to the curriculum. “The best way for me to accomplish this was to pursue my Special Education teaching credential,” Williams says that pursuing her Special Education teaching credential allowed her to better understand how to appropriately teach and support students who learn differently from their peers. “They needed interventions embedded into the school programs to support their needs.”

Williams joined the staff at Pivot Charter School this past fall and hit the ground running. What drew her to Pivot was the school’s unique approach to embracing all students’ distinct traits. “Pivot fosters relationships to create an inclusive environment that supports all individual learning styles in independent learning and small group settings,” says Williams. “Pivot gives students the opportunity and flexibility to access their courses in a variety of settings, allowing each student to maximize their learning experience.”

According to Williams, of the best things about teaching is the enjoyment she gets from her interactions with students and having the ability to share her enthusiasm for learning. “I love watching my students get excited about learning, and I love observing how they master concepts. For me, it goes beyond just teaching the material; it’s about making personal connections with my students and their families,” says Williams. “The students at Pivot are so resilient and have had to overcome so many obstacles in their lives. They have inspired me to be a better advocate for individualized educational instruction. Advocating for each student’s continued success has become my mission as a Pivot educator.”