Gail Gonzalez Coloyan is a middle school and high school EC at Pivot San Diego specializing in Mathematics. This is her first year teaching at Pivot. She found Pivot because she was interested in our diverse population of students and in being able to help give the extra time and attention to the students who need it. She enjoys teaching at the school and feels like she is able to really make a difference with her students.

Gail is also working with the high school students in college counselling at both Pivot Southern California resource centers, (Corona and San Marcos) and is planning college tour field trips for the students this spring. She will be helping students with their essay writing, signing up for classes at local junior colleges and with applications to state schools. She wants to educate the Pivot students on the various options for colleges so that they better understand what is available to them. Gail has experience reading applications for UC San Diego, so she has seen the other side of college admissions, and is excited to bring that experience to the Pivot students.

Gail became interested in education when she was in high school. “I noticed that some of my peers who had done well in middle school were now not succeeding in high school. That motivated me and helped me realize the importance of teachers and connections that they build.” She believes that establishing trust with her students and letting them know that you are there for them are the key ingredients to student success. In her free time, Gail enjoys yoga (she is a certified yoga instructor), marathons and triathlons, and spending time with her family, which includes four daughters. You can read more about all of our amazing Educational Coordinators HERE.